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Video Camera Inspection

Menifee-based plumbers in Southern California conducting sewer inspections.
About the service
Video Camera Inspection

Color video inspection:
A sewer camera inspection is the best way to see the current condition of your sewer and drain system.

When should a sewer camera be used?

1) When you're purchasing a new home, it's a good idea to video inspect the sewer or drain system to find out if the pipes are in good condition.

2) If you notice bad sewage odors, that's usually indicative of a problem within a sewer or septic system. Most odors originate from a leak in a sewer or drain line that allows waste and bad smells to seep out.

3) If you have slow drains, then a video camera inspection can quickly determine the root cause of the problem. Slow drains are both frustrating and unhygienic. Wastewater entering the home is a health hazard, and it causes unpleasant odors too. A video inspection will tell a Menifee plumber if you have a simple clog that can be cleared easily or a tree root growing into the sewer system that could be causing severe permanent damage.

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