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Faucet Installations

Menifee, CA plumbers can upgrade your kitchen with a faucet installation.
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Faucet Installations

Is it time to replace your faucet?
Most faucets are designed to last 15-20 years, but many people choose to replace their faucets once they begin to look old, worn, or discolored.

If your faucet no longer meets your expectations, don't spend hundreds of dollars on a renovation. American Plumbing Service is experienced in all aspects of faucet servicing, and we can arrange a repair, installation, or replacement, depending on your preference.

Faucet Installation
Never mind designer countertops or high-tech appliances: the faucet is the most-used appliance in the home and the one your kitchen can't do without. This household essential is used to wash dishes, rinse fresh fruit and vegetables, and keep your kitchen equipment clean and bacteria-free.

And how often is the kitchen faucet used to wash the hands and refill the family pet's water bowl too? Every family member depends on a sink with a good-functioning faucet, so it's essential that your home has one. Here are four signs that it might be time to replace yours:

#1: There are mineral deposits inside and around the outside rim of the faucet.

#2: The faucet handle is cracked or sticks during use. This is a sign of internal rust and corrosion.

#3: The faucet is leaking. Note that in this instance, even if the inner cartridge is replaced, the entire faucet will often need to be replaced shortly afterward.

#4: The faucet is over 15 years old. The lifespan of a faucet depends on the manufacturer, but even a faucet of excellent quality will need to be replaced after 15 years.

Contact a Menifee-plumber for an affordable kitchen upgrade that will also upgrade your daily routine.

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